What is Inspiration

Inspiration can be a tricky thing. What is it? Where to you get it? What do you do with it? Is it okay to use?

Inspiration is the feeling you get when you experience something that is special to you. It makes you want to create. There is not really a best way to get inspiration for a design, story, or whatever you make. You just have to explore the things you like. You could get inspiration from a post, a movie, a book, or anything else around you. Whatever it is, regardless of weather it even makes sense or not, you run with it and create something entirely your own. Carry a notebook around with you and jot down your ideas when they come to you. Make a quick sketch of your idea or whatever is around you.

However, a word of caution; Inspiration can be dangerous. You can take inspiration from other people’s ideas but be sure not to steal them. Never use someone else’s work without explicit permission. Do not take credit for someone else’s work. Creation is a healthy and beautiful experience and should be treated with reverence and respect.