Artist’s Style

Every artist has a specific style that they can fall back on. A specific way they do things that is unique to them and that they can be identified with. An artist’s style does not just spring out of nowhere, however. It must be learned and cultivated. It is ever changing, evolving, and improving. It is affected by experiences, tastes, and experimenting. It is one thing to try to emulate another artist’s style or to try to render something as close to life as possible. It is another thing entirely to have a style all your own. Not to use all the time but or things that we want to give our own personal touch to.

I grew up watching a lot of cartoons and I fell in love with the different styles and characters. I first started drawing those characters. I eventually moved on to making my own characters by combining elements from what I was watching. So many subtle changes were made over so long that I had created a style all my own. My personal heroes are artists like Hirohiko Araki, Bruce Timm, and the late great Derrick J. Wyatt. Their bold use of shapes and general disregard for realistic proportions were a big influence on me. I adore Araki’s crazy, out-there character designs, Timm’s swooping lines and heavy blacks, and Wyatt’s unique silhouettes and minimalistic shapes. These all come together along with a few ideas of my own to make the style that I draw.